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A bullrus is a creature which is half bull, half man-walrus or half man, half bull-walrus. This oversized abomination of nature can be found frequently grazing, belching, grunting, greltching (half grunting, half belching) or fold farting.

Very much attracted to shiny objects and food-stuffs which it will both burrow into one of its folds or store for later consumption in its various grottos.

Also known to be found with a companion or kin (sister) where food-stuffs are often exchanged using a symbiotic connection similar to osmosis.

The Bullrus is highly temperamental and can display threatened behaviour during food absorption or when a new shiny object has been obtained and not yet stowed in the grotto. Other displays of temperament are seen when exchanges of shiny objects are performed via the medium of ebay.
Son... you just witnessed the Bullrus greltch
by TingTong86 September 14, 2010
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