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a girl that has such a bad weave, it looks like her hair is floating above her head, and has the ability to deflect bullets. the girl usually suffers from alopecia, but doesn't have to to wear a bulletproof wig.
by New B Anonymous One June 20, 2007
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A female of any dissent, who refers to the use of improperly inserting a weave to the top of their head. The extensions from the weave seem to protrude greatly from one's roots, thus creating an alien shaped affect, similiar to the likes of Predator. With such lift and body, the hair seems to serve as a means of protection, such as teflon abilities to block stray bullets. Therefore, for safety precautions, you may want to have at least one friend with a Bullet Proof Wig.
As Domonique danced, her Bullet Proof Wig danced beside her.
by Weavalicious June 20, 2007
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