An AMAZING live video of Green Day touring and singing at different concerts. Green Day is the literally the best band live, and with this video, you will be able to see why. "Bullet in a Bible" has songs from "American Idiot", "Dookie", "Insomniac", "Nimrod", and "Waiting". It's the best live video of the best band on earth!
Person 1: What do you want to do tonight?
Person 2: Let's watch "Bullet in a Bible"!
Person 1: Heck yes! Ok!
by Karly<3'sGreenDay January 15, 2011
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an amazing dvd of a green day concert. you may think it's just for stupid teenies, but it definitely is not.

i am a real green day fan, and don't even like american idiot much. bullet in a bible still made me cry, because the whole thing is so wow.

see green day, billie joe armstrong, tre cool, mike dirnt. yeah, all amazing and talented and gorgeous and.. yeah.
i watched bullet in a bible right when i got it, and king for a day/shout was the most ghofb thing i've even seen. good riddance made me cry.
by mrs armstrong December 12, 2005
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