1. Mess
2. Confusion caused by incompetence and/or lack of organisation
3. Complete cock up
4. Unsatisfactory result, often with comic consequences
5. Misguided effort
6. Fiasco
7. Result of failure to recognise consequences

Believed to have been in common usage in the British armed forces from WW2, now (2007) largely anachronistic and used by older persons who remember it or have parents who did... may link to the phrase "Don't let the buggers get you down" which probably refers primarily to the bullying of private soldiers during induction training by non commissioned officers.
About disastrous outcome caused by mismanagement:
"...The entire venture was doomed to be a bugger's muddle from the very beginning"
by Manton February 16, 2007
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Wow I'm in a right buggers muddle with all this fuckin' homework that's due tomorrow. Should I go jack off instead? Yes
by BaconSoap December 10, 2015
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