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This word is when a situation, something or someone takes you to a place of beyond OMG, WTF, beyond exasperation, there is no explanation, rhyme or reason as to why someone would say or do that or why something like that would happen. You are beyond words in comprehension. you're just BUFOOGLED! if you tell someone, they will know at that moment you just don't have anything to say about it. You are stumped and you need a moment to absorb, reflect and meditate on it.
The universe is in a bufoogled state. We should be concerned and more faithful.

My relatives bufoogle me.

Grown folks constantly bufoogle us. Don't grow up to be one of them.

The universe is in a very bufoogled state. We should be concerned.

The lack of common sense in our brilliant children bufoogles me constantly.
by Madam Magnanimous April 16, 2014
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