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An action or occurrence that is typical of Buffalonians or the city of Buffalo in general. These things are things like Dingus Day, the not so Italian festival, sledding in march, tanning in December, using street lights or signs as suggestions, having a drinking tolerance by the age of 13, having 45% of your friends being Polish, never dressing appropriate for the weather and acting like it's nothing, walking nearly everywhere, knowing the city like the inside of your eye-lids by the time you are 8, and never being able to denounce your own city without laughing and saying "But i still love it"
Guy 1- Tom pulled a Buffalonism last night and got pulled over for running every stop light on Chippewa avenue.
Guy 2- Dude he must have been smashed!
Guy 1- Yea man! He was so drunk on his way home from Kaisertown celebrating Dingus Day!
Guy 2- What a Buffalonian!
by BuffaloBreakerBox April 28, 2009
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