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The combination of the Buffalo Bandits Brigade and the Philadephia Wingnuts. Both teams play in the Lacrosse Tournament known as Fann cup.
The Buffnuts finished 2-2-1 at FannCup 2012
by Herbavor July 30, 2012
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When you take a buffer and stick your nuts up to it.
Hey dude, I'm going to the garage to buff my nut.
by Snake April 25, 2004
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A term used as a friendly teasing, for no specific reason or purpose. Used mostly during teenage years.
by Julie Pagni March 19, 2004
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A person with a big round hair stlye that is symetical on both sides and looks total equal all around. It goes down to their eyebrows and makes them look fucked up.
Kelly Osbourne has a buffnut on the shut up video.
by Shane/Ashley Banks November 14, 2003
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Something being very hip, strong, or cool in someway.
"Damn that kid's a buff nut."
"That movies a freakin buff nut."

This term was created by the Pinball Wizard, and his friend Donnie Darko.
by The Living Receiver February 18, 2004
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A mostly friendly, mildly derogatory term. From the mid-late 1980s.
Hey buffnut, what's goin on?

I can't believe you tried to light your cigarette on the wrong end. What a buffnut!
by JulPDX December 09, 2010
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