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Budomir is a factual dog that claims to be 322 years old and sometimes even older, according to his current mood. Although a small dog (poodle) he also claims to have built an intricate laboratory located underneath the DiLalo residence, where he is said to have cloning capabiliies along with a weather machine and weapons of mass destruction. He has claimed in the past to have extra sensory perception, immense brain power, and the ability to fly. Among other things, Budomir also owns Alaska, which he aquired legally in a deal where he swindled a group of Native Americans. If Budomir were in fact a human he would be widely considered one of the 10 most dangerous people on the planet. He is known to work with several accomplices or "minions" as he calls them, among these are: Karl, Jimbo, Flash, Phoenix, and his personal enforcer and bodyguard Hefty Tom. Nemesises include but are not limited to: all felines, dumb bastards, sometimes Mike, Greg and his Arch-Nemesis the pillow. Budomir claims to be black, however in his old age his hair has gone predominantly gray, though he still insists that he is black and was born in Africa (although an African birth would be extremely unlikely). Budomir also has a soft spot for bones and will do almost anything to get them, many claim this is his only weakness, though Budomir obviously refutes this claim.
Look Karl, here comes King Budomir the wise.
by Greg DiLalo April 15, 2007
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