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"budget cut schools" which the bathrooms are disgusting. Weird, undescribable things happen. Everyone complains about what the hell goes on in there but the culprit is never found. Tends to always smell vulgar. Incidents include: used tampons and pads strewn across the floor, poop not in the toilet, inspiring quotes written on toilet paper with mean remarks next to it, toilet paper EVERYWHERE, broken locks, leaking toilets, clogged toilets, no soap, pubes on toilet seats, urinals have poop, and period blood written on mirrors. These bathrooms largely exist in the Southern California area.
"Dude I had to go to bathroom so badly but I decided I wouldnt because the stall was a budget cut bathroom straight out of a Jackass Movie."

I'm pretty sure the entire school is sick because no one can wash there hands in the budget cut bathrooms.

I would only switch from El Toro to a private school because at least they have seat covers!
by ilikerunnin1600 March 14, 2011
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