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the using of a friend or Buddy only to YOUR convenience. or when you need them.

Much like a BootyCall but in Buddy form.

very common in selfish teenage girls.
they're NEVERRR good friends.

i recomend just getting these people out of your life all together.

{ ignoring them upsets them the most :) }
Appearantly im her BuddyCall. the only time we ever talk is whenever SHE needs a friend. But she flakes whenever i need a friend.
by KTBC December 10, 2009
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Similar to mix between booty call and friends with benefits, a buddy call is when a friend comes over for and performs sexual actions.
Usually, there are no intentions for a relationship beyond friendship, but does happen.
Dude, I got a great buddy call the other night
Yeah? How was it?
Lets say Jenny is a great friend++ ;)
by MurphyMcManus December 12, 2010
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Similar to a Booty Call. When a buddy comes over in the middle of the night, usually intoxicated and usually on a work/school night to get you to go on some hairbrained adventure with him/her.
"Yo look tired today."

"Yup...Jack made a buddy call last night and we ended up tipping cows in old man Smith's field 'til dawn."

"But was a school night."

"Next time I'll know better."
by PicklingTheBeast December 08, 2009
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Similar to a booty call except that when you arrive for your booty, you discover the person only had intentions of cuddling. Like a cuddle call, except the callee doesn't know they're not going to get any until they get there. A false alarm, if you will.
Tim was so psyched when Jenny booty-called him, but when he got there, he had major blueballs since it turned out to be just a buddy call.
by CapnWeasel December 05, 2008
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