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A move popularized in many Martial Arts film originating from China.

Some of Jet Li's movies, Iron Monkey and Stephen Chow's 'Kung Fu Hustle' make use of the Buddhist Palm technique.

In Anime: Chiriku from the 'Naruto' series uses a similar technique called 'Raigou Senjusatsu'.
From Kung Fu Hustle

Landlady: Remember the Buddhist technique of palm descending from heaven?

LandLord: The long lost Buddhist Palm that we all that was forever gone!
by Samanosuke December 03, 2009
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a term in the martial arts worlds of ancient asia
1, two trees (that you were serene they were never alone, it it a zen setting)
2, a martial arts in which in ply(ed) the surest of relentless courage when another person lays defend
and so 3. breaking your hand or (leg) to save someone's life
It's not always unpeaceful, there's a buddhist palm outside.
"His hand's all broken, and maimed, he cracked the window and they drove off." "Cracked?"
by Setsuko Kaguya December 24, 2018
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