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Killing someone with kindness in the Intent of Spite, Revenge, or Resolution.

( Now a good way to approach this , is to bite your tongue at the right moment of an argument.... Just suddenly haulting the problem with the right words to make he or she realize how much theyre at fault.

Now If they apologize and it sounds sincere.... then they just got buddha bombed.
So weather you want to keep this method a secret is up to you, but if you decide to shove it in there face then I guarantee it probably wont work so well the next time.)
Victum: So what if I slept your girlfriend...
The Buddha Bomber: ok..... I understand (With face down and sad).
Victum......... dude im sorry.
The Buddha Bomber: (Thoughts or words) Thats right you @$%^ing Tool!

( Buddha Bombed )
by The Buddha Bombers (Band) January 13, 2011
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