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Budapest Syndrome is an aquried disease contracted in general by the male international student population of Budapest, Hungary.

It is closely related to "One bull-many heifers disease" and "King of the Hillitis inflammation of the brain."

The cause is suspected to be the unequal ratio of men vs women in the student population, approx 1:5.

In consequence every half baked village idiot can have more girls then he can handle. This is suspected to be the triggering factor in most cases resulting in a systemic case of BS.

Prognosis: The disease usually resolves when the patient concludes his studies and moves back to his home country, as the male:female population will be more equalized and the women will have more options to choose from and consequently will not show interest in the BS patient. In consequence a majority of patients struggle with depression and chronic tendinitis of their right hand. The personality can recover over time, researchers are currently preforming controlled experiments on mice to find ways to speed up this process. So to all affected readers: there is hope.
Clinical signs: Running from place to place trying to engange in coitus with as many females as possible. As special gait is observed in this phase (Reference:Tennesee walking horse.) Overlapping relationships and sneaking around is also typical of Budapest syndrome (BS). A wide eyed and innocent expression while buying condoms and/or booze can give an early indication. As the disease progresses symptoms become more severe including bouts of extreme vanity, selfishness, and general man-whoring. The male will often spend a lot of time and effort earning the females trust, for then pulling a vanishing act when he finally gets in her pants. (Classical sign often refered to as grooming) When the patient is confronted about his behaviour he will not take responsibilty or show remorse. BS males will often gang up to provide alibies and pat eachother on the back. This is known as "rat-packing" by females and researchers.

Pathological lesions.: In mild cases degenration of neurons, long fingers and oral diahrrea can be seen. Using words like babe and doll to every female in sight is a typical marker. In chronic and more severe cases: complete atrophy of the vertebrae and necrosis of the heart, and a irreversibly enlarged head. Not to be mistaken for hydrocephalus. To differentiate adminster an infusion of kindness or compliments. If the patients head explode BS can be confirmed. If this method is not preffered a simple X-ray can also confirm the diagnosis as no spine will be seen.
by DrWhoIsThis October 30, 2013
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