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A person who seeks sexual and/or emotional intimacy with a cowboy from the Rodeo circuit.
Ennis Del Mar: Y'all seen Jack? He was supposed to meet me a half hour ago.

Rodeo Clown: Shoot, Jack left for the hotel with a Buckle Buddy and a bottle of whiskey. I think he's gonna get ridden harder than the bull did! Eeeeweeee! I tell you whut!
by Poindexter Hinklebothom June 03, 2009
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A rodeo cowboys sexual conquest. A buckle buddy is most easily distinguished by the Prize buckle given to her by the rodeo cowboy after a night of hot sex. The buckle on the buckle buddy is a territorial marker that is meant to keep other rodeo cowboys from attempting to mate with the buckle buddy. Someone who steals a prize buckle from a cowboy only does is because they wish to be a sexual conquest of the rodeo cowboy. Any man who wears another mans prize buckle is a homosexual for the rest of his life. Any rodeo cowboy who is not a homosexual would never put this buckle back on. Rodeo cowboys do not loan or borrow out their prize buckles to anyone they aren't having sex with.
When cowboy A realized cowboy B had on his missing buckle, cowboy B said that cowboy A had loaned it to cowboy B. Cowboy A knew cowboy B was lying and stole the buckle. Cowboy A no longer wanted the buckle because he has no desire to have a male buckle buddy.
by tractorpusher May 13, 2014
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