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A female living in the Buckhead area that usually comes from money, marries into money, or constantly searches for their MRS. They are very sheltered and close-minded. Buckhead Betty rarely ventures outside of their comfort zone or try new things. They can usually be found in tennis skirts and Michael Kors jewelry, sipping mimosas with their girlfriends while the rest of society is at work. They love sushi, but will only order California rolls.
I was going to meet up with Erica downtown today but traffic was too bad for her and she refused to use public transportation. I'm shocked at how quickly she's turned into a Buckhead Betty. Bless her heart cause its not flattering.
by owl always love you September 09, 2013
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An extreme form of soccer mom found in Buckhead, hence the name. Often borderline-extremist baptists. Noted for their use of HEAVY makeup and their aversion to anything even remotely non-christian. Their kids fall into two categories.

1.The kids who blindly accept whatever their parents say. These people usually resort to violence against anyone who challenges their beleifs. (yes I'm speaking from experience)

2.The kids who relize that heir parents are full of shit, usually resulting in the kid becoming a burn, goth, revolutionary, or misanthropic writer/musician (and I don't mean emo kid by that.).

It should also be noted that coming into contact with these people for an extended period of time can produce the same results. Case in point: Me.
That bitch with 10 pounds of eyeshadow on and the oversized cross necklace is a Buckhead Betty.
by Mr.knowitall November 04, 2007
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