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--The drooping of a girls belly that hangs so low that she has to pull it up to find her flowery area. -- The front of a girls belly that hangs so low that you have to grab it and pick it up like you are carrying her feed bag. And this has to be lifted before you can find her genital area. The underside of the bucket handle usually has a distinguished smell and a moldy film like a slippery rock.
--Damn I don't think that Jeremiah should lift Supanek's bucket handle the smell under there will knock him out.
--Did you see That's sister her bucket handle must make it difficult for him to go down on her.
by 707shady February 12, 2018
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When a girl's thong is visible above both the left and right hip jean line and takes the shape of two handles on a bucket.
"Damn man, did you see that girl rockin those bucket handles!?"

"Dude! I'd grab that bucket!"
by Nannerhands October 10, 2009
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