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A crazy talented guy. Quick-witted; mad cute in a kind of nontraditional way; very intelligent. A Bucanan usually has a schlong like a black man's, and should be a phenomenal lover. Any Bucanan you meet will be the most insanely funny man within thousands of miles, you can bet on it. When he sings, men and women alike will have a mind-bending orgasm from purely the sound of his rich, sexy voice. Anyone would be lucky to have a Bucanan, and they should make sure he knows! Bucanan's make awesome friends and stupendous lovers, so be happy with whichever he is to you!
Damn, that Bucanan should shorten his name; he needs a cute nickname or something for such a hella fine guy.
The name Bucanan is kind of a mouthful, but I guess that's accurate considering he's also a mouthful. ;)
by UrbaneUploader December 21, 2014
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