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A large mass of fat usually located in between a womans belly button and the top of her vagina. Effectively connecting her vagina and gut.This can usually only be found on severe overweight women, but can also be found on woman who may have given birth recently and sometimes on obese men.

The mass of fat gives the appearance of a "bubble" directly above the genital area, and must frequently be physically moved out of the way to engage in sexual intercourse. Often the pubic hair will continue on to the mass of fat following the natural creases of a woman vagina, which can give the appearance of a "Camel Toe" far above where it may usually be found. This can also be referred to as a gunt

Most commonly found in rural towns or concentrated urban area which may contain Walmart's and/or McDonalds.
As drunk as I was, I could still feel her Bubble twat rub against my abdomen as we danced the night away..
by Blitzzd November 26, 2009
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