A term used in the firearm community for any firearm modified in a slapdash way. Named after rednecks who are the most famous makers of "Bubba'd" firearms, the bubba'd gun is usually an older military rifle, such as a Mosin-Nagant, Lee-Enfield or Springfield Model 1903, although rarer guns have been modified. These are then cut down to short "sporter" lengths, fitted with scope rails, tacky wooden furniture and more.

These modifications are almost always frowned upon by the firearm community at large, and thus "bubba'd" guns commend much lower prices in comparison to non-modified models. Many "bubba'd" guns also can be modified to extreme lengths, and thus should be taken with caution as they might explode in the users hands. Dangerous, tacky and useless, the "bubba'd" gun should only be used in desperation.
"Did you see Billy Bob's gun safe?"

"Yeah, every gun in there has been Bubba'd to hell"
by Poppy Brother Junior December 27, 2016
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The unfortunate experience of getting sodomized by a black inmate while in prison.
While I was locked up I was bubba'd by my cell-mate
by chadillac874 March 3, 2007
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a large man, who fzcks you up teh butt, w/o lubrication of any sort. usually happens when you drop the soap, or when a mans feeling lonely.
omg we're gonna get bubba'd on that shit
by teh mac'zor iz so leet October 4, 2004
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