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A slap mixed with the "pimp" "bitch" and "backhand" slaps. This slap is a downward hit with the butt part of the enclosed fist onto the top of the opponent's head.

Leaves the receiver with an unusual headache, then sudden bursts of rage, followed by doubting themself, and proceeded with crying themself to sleep.

May result in an inestimable death. Most cases are untraceable and all vary in the time toward the decease.
An Older bother walks into his what seemed untouched room, confused and weary.
Later finding out that the younger brother and messed with his "collection" of magazines.
Dismembered and disorderly the older brother could not find a suitable punishment for this "crime" .
He then enclosed his hand for the Bubba Slap...
Knocking the younger one into a state of absolute denial and inauthenticity.
by SubKonshuhs July 16, 2011
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