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theres not alot of bubazinas. actually hardly any. only the ones that are chose for their sexiness and bubazinaness. a bubazina isnt an excat word, and it doesnt mean alot. you get chose and told the rules. its a person that is sexy and chosen. usually there sexkittens and get there close ripped off. some that wish they were , which is everyone, are called bubazina wannabees. they love to ner. and if you try to ner then your gay. but to know your a true bubazina, is when ner becomes an instinct and you are always there for a buabzina NO MATTER WHAT. you better get that tit dirt.

make sure you never annoy a bubazina. they get annoyed eaisly and have big anger problems. they laugh every second and people get very jelous. dont mess with there family either. the main bubazinas are just like jwoww and snooki from jersey shore. its extremely weird. you will fall in love with them. but you could hate them because your a hater. but its whatever they dont care. they just want to partyboy on you.

also: they love to fart and arent afraid of it. DONT EVER MESS W// A BUBAZINA. they will punch you in the face. you mess with them they will hit, you mess w// another bubazina, they beat your little BOOTY. so watch yourself. they are definate taco washers and they love partying. they love to vision people naked or crying. there not afraid of anybody. but one thing you gotta make sure is you NEVER tell a bubazina what to do. or the bubazina crew will come for you.....
girl: oh i wish i was a bubazina.


girl: why?!
bubazina: you dont got a booty on you and nobody wants to rip your clothes off.
example 2::
BOY: OH BUBAZINA ARE SO SEXY I WANT THEM SSO BADDD. numba 1 and 2 and 3 turn me on.


BOY: NOOOOO I WANT A BUBAZINA GODDDDD! i wanna rip there clothes off.
GIRL: uhhm okay then?! ( crys)

example 3:
girl: wanna han......
bubazina: SHUT UP.

example 4.
teacher: okay today were learning.....
bubazina: NER?!
by bubazina clemen October 25, 2010
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