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A Brysann is a rather odd female creature that expresses strength, bravery, and fine body. She is tough in the inside and also on the outside but yet she never fights for what she belives in. Bryanns always claim they hate attention, but secretly they love it. Brysanns don't have a distinct smell, never the less any at all. People are always attracted to a Brysann for her perfect body, but only true friends can see her for who she truly is. A Brysann is a all around smart person but she hides her brain behind her rather subtle attitude. Bryanns are at the top of the totem-pole when it comes to popularity, however they always degrade themselves. People identify Bryanns as a hoe/skank, but these are people who only look at her for her body. Byrsanns have a horrible taste in guys; so if you aver meet one try to snag her as your own.
Dang, that Brysann over there sure has a bad taste in men!
by Kewin K-hater May 11, 2017
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