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A nice Guy who likes to hang around his friends and have lots of fun . He is very athletic and strong. He cares about others but has a funny way of showing it. He's bad with timing and always late . It is hard for him to show emotion but he still has feelings. Any girl is lucky to know him and be around him. He loves to cuddle and make others happy. He may screw up a lot but he never means to . He isn't the brightest person but is pretty smart . He loves to seek adventure. He always puts forth his best effort and does not like to mess up. He sometimes gets annoying but it's because he tries to make everyone laugh.
Brylon would be a great friend or even maybe more than a friend.
by Dr.larry Fitzpatrick April 24, 2017
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A Short Mother fucker that sit on they ass and play games , They usually can be seen buming a cigarette or change beware he will still your kar and sell your jewelry for change
^Look over there

*Who is that?
^That's a brylon ass nigga
by Samuel Steff December 20, 2016
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A short guy with money and a lot of sense. You can usually find him trying to get money or smoking weed a lot. I used to give him money for being so smart in important times. He tends to get mad really easily and his girlfriends are always mean. I like him a lot.
Girl Brylon is going to be successful.
by BackwoodBain May 31, 2018
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