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The name etymology is Celtic, although common forms of the name are "Bridget" spelled in different ways and in Germany "Brigita." Often the names are mispronounced "Bri-jee-ta" when in fact Brygida is pronounced "Bri-gee-da" or sometimes said as "Ber-gee-da." This is the Polish cognate of the name used a century or two ago as "Brighid" (Breed) which is a Christian name.

The name has a history of change of spelling and pronunciation based on the language/country and history. It is most likely never used as a boys name and is often, but still a rare naming becoming rarer, used for eastern European or North American girls. Although that can vary.
"And your name is Brijeeta?"
"No, Miss - it's pronounced Bri-gee-da."

"Hi, my name's Brygida, nice to meet you."

"No, it's spelled B-R-Y-G-I-D-A. I know, it's hard to remember."
by Myrania March 26, 2010
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