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Pheromone emitted by Cheetahs of the Law Enforcement variety. A fully developed L.E. Cheetah's pheromones are impervious to normal barriers such as brick, wood, metal, and glass. Brute-Spice is used to attract possible mates, not for the purposes of procreation but for the act of sexual intercourse alone (although reproduction is an common unexpected and unwanted, occurrence).
"We are observing the L.E. Cheetah in its natural habitat - the convenience store. You can now see preparing to emit his Brute-Spice by changing his posture to an upright and alert stance. He will this stance until obtaining direct eye contact with his target and possible future mate. You can be certain of Brute-Spice emission when viewing the target by the dilation of the pupils and erectness of the female target's nipples."

"Yo! Check out the Brute-Spice at work! He got that ass through the glass!"
by Smoove operator October 28, 2013
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