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1. A group of the toughest guys around, merciless conscienceless heavies who beat people up in the service of a boss or king.
2. The one guy who could take them all on and win.
In The Princess Bride, Fezzik joins the Brute Squad.
by blind nettle November 14, 2010
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A Brute Squad is a person who is so barbarically strong that they can complete ANY task at ANYTIME better than ANYONE else. Brute Squads possess super-human strength and agility and possibly a Tribal Tattoo or 3. Unlike their mortal counterpart Conan the Barbarian, Brute Squads can never die, age, or weaken. Brute Squads are known to consume extreme amounts of alcohol and marijuana(at the same time) and be seemingly uneffected. Quite possibly the most feared being to ever exist.
You Might Be a Brute Squad if:

- you grew a beard in elementary school
- you can benchpress 4x your body weight
- you can pull doors off refrigerators without even trying
- you can bite through an entire ring pop without licking it once
- you have a Tribal arm band that barely fits around your massive biceps
- you do inhuman tasks just to prove a point
- you can stiff arm women with no remorse
- you NEVER use your inside voice or manners
- you smoke more Marlboros than the Marlboro Man
- you will please any woman...and I mean ANY
- you can out wrestle a bear
by DudePiston_7 March 09, 2009
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a bunch of immature bitches who is looked down upon by the whole school. especialy anoying because of their sucking up and noise making also the have shitty pranks
brute squad immature high schoolers who act like grade school kids
by barry bob thortan January 23, 2012
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