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A form of shrew which wears wizard suits, dances around indian style with maraccas, visits the pandas at the zoo, drinks heavily and is awesome.
These are the very rarest form of shrew and it has been predicted that there are only two left in the wilderness of australia.
There are no predators that can harm this shrew for it is magical and can turn invisible or turn into a nice scarf. This shrew is also known to be one who likes wearing human suits and drawing other shrews who wear leotards, do ballet, drink large quantities of cowboy, have a helicopter hat, play a migical talking flute and say things like "give me your tears gypsy or i will take them, do you understand" and "is this a cat in a hat" to which a human would reply "no, this is a turtle in a shell".
So yeh.
There is probably one other person who will actually understand what the hell i am talking about and that person is also a shrew.
person1: You gave me a good shrew style haircut.

person2: Well i am a shrew.

Person1: Yes, and now you are "BRUSKANTETHITE"
by Shrew the musical September 11, 2008
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