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A little town with a whole lotta nuthin, except for a school official who set up camera's in the girls restrooms, a police chief fired for allowing rogue cops rough up citizens, and the rogue cops themselves that work for peanuts due to all the other P.D.'s that didn't want them. But rest assured that what they lack in professionalism, they more than make up for with ego. A short focus on these punks shows that they dish out tickets that are generally bogus and only serve to produce revenue for the pathetic department that threatens locals as well. If you're from another area, never stop here for gas or anything else. The snakes also nail people on I-35 going past Bruceville-Eddy, so watch out. Avoid this shit-hole as much as possible.
The police dept. in Bruceville-Eddy, Texas has threatened towns folk more than once that their taxes will increase if they're not allowed to continue to fleece innocent motorists with undeserved tickets. They are useless for anything else.
by February 06, 2014
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