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Virtuoso vocalist and creator of the ThunderForce, the moniker of Bruce Thunder was born out of the song "Struck By Thunder". Those who cross his path are known to get "brucified". He dawns a leather jacket with leather pants, cowboy boots, and aviators at all times, no exceptions. He has a slicked up flat top hair cut a la Guile from Street Fighter II. He rides a motorcycle indoors and outdoors, with and against the flow of traffic. He is known for his premature ejaculation, which he is not ashamed of because he always goes the "speed of thunder". Because of this, he has many kids scattered throughout the United States, all of which despite being neglected by their father, proudly bear the name Bruce. He's a no nonsense, rough and tough rider with a kick ass way of life. He bathes in the blood of his enemies.
Bruce Thunder kicked my ass last week.
by Dick Thunder February 17, 2009
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