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A beaner who thinks he's white by making fun of other beaners and listening to country music while racing their dirt bikes.
Basically a redneck that's a beaner.
Black dude-"See that beaner there, he thinks he's white"
Green Man-"He must be a BrownNeck"
Black Dude and Green Man laugh
by 33D@Mi@N33 April 07, 2009
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A Semi-circumcised penis, that has been jacked off so much by its owners big burly hands, that it has developed a big brown sleeve going down the shaft of the penis. Owners of a brown neck usually don't think it's a problem, but when seen by others, it is looked down upon. The person with the brown neck will usually deny it and say that its a scar from when he was circumcised as a baby.. lies...lies....lies. He will tell you that its a scar that surrounds his whole penis.
"Wow Alec, you must masturbate a lot, you have a brown neck"
by Alec B. April 17, 2008
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A person who has a visible brown ring of dirt, grease, and other refuse on their neck. Used most often to identify the foulest of gamers or those individuals who believe that excelling in games such as Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, or World of Warcraft is a license to forgo basic sanitation.

It is helpful to be able to identify Brown Necks at a distance as they are usually accompanied an overwhelming smell.

Brown Necks should not be confused with those gamers that enjoy games but maintain the social awerness to shower at least once a week.
I was going to ride the T into work today but the train was loaded with Brown Necks heading to Anime Boston. Gathered together the smell had become overpowering and some small children were on the verge of fainting. I decided to walk instead.
by Kim Jong Beel May 07, 2011
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