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A synonym for butthole, asshole, cornhole etc.; Refers to the hole between a human's mudflaps that tends to have a perm-brown ring around it that shares roughly the same circumferance of a dime - hence browndime; The brown taint caused by poop that forms around an asshole - usually the size and shape of a dime.

This term (browndime) is surprisingly underused in our society as of right now (5/25/10) and considering its comic value and its sensibility, the term should take off it terms of popularity in the near future. While terms such as asshole and butthole are timeless and deserving of great respect, BROWNDIME is a perfect modern compliment (rather than a substitute) to the classic terms that have preceeded it. Like its predecessors, browndime envokes rich imagery yet manages to do so using simple, workingmang, terms. Humans of all intellect will be able to appreciate the immediate mental picture that comes to mind when they hear the word, not only for the firts time, but for the rest of their life. It is highly functional in our society yet it stays true to the foundations of the potty-mouth language that Americans from all generations have enjoyed and appreciated.
When the old Hippie-Bastard kept telling me to focus on and rely on my third-eye, I knew that he was referring to my mind's eye but all I could think of was my brown-dime since it kind of looks like an eye.

When I pooped out of my browndime, the poop was so wide that I got goosebumps throughout my body and compared the experience to what giving birth must be like.

I brought this crazy broad home from the bars who was a 7-7.5 in terms of hotness, and the lack of inhibition that my aesthetic superiority caused me feel gave me the courage to stick my horn in her brown-dime.
by BigBadBill484 May 25, 2010
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the image produced by viewing separated ass cheeks from the rear
when her pants ripped while she was demonstrating the splits, a beautiful brown dime was manifested
by byrnzy March 13, 2005
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