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a brown-eye pie is when someone poops on themself (preferably soft poop) and do not let the fecal matter leave their butt, they just squeeze their cheeks together to create a sort of pie filling in their butt. The person then finds a dirty, hungry hobo and asks if he/she wants pie. Being completelly famished since the poor lazy bastard doesnt have a job he/she agrees. The person then lays down (on stomach with pants down) and the hobo opens up the butt cheeks to find a delicious anal goo filling filled with an assortment of vitamins, nutrients, and STANK!!
aww man I have to poop...hey why dont you make a brown-eye pie for all of us to eat...GREAT IDEA!! i just ate taco bell to so its gonna be spicey..OOOOh me likey spicey...stfu pablo and go mow my lawn
by yowussup October 04, 2010
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