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A group of Twitter users who are South Asian and live in English-speaking countries. The girls usually obsess over Desi clothes, makeup, Bollywood movies, beards, and Zayn Malik or Sidaddy Malhotra. The guys usually like saying the n word, which makes Black Twitter and feminists very angry. Brown Twitter users love to beef over everything and anything: there's brown guys vs. brown girls, Twitter feminists vs. "Shareef Squad" (or the rest of BT)....or even specifically within Muslims on BT there's hijabis vs. non hijabis, Sunnis vs. Shias....all kinds of arguments. People on BT form their own little group chats and make their own squads. Brown Twitter is a big fucking MESS and everyone can agree on that one.
"Hey ugly ass chutiya, you followed some people on Brown Twitter yet?"
"Yeah we're in the NAIDP groupchat, and you can't join, sorry."
"That's cool, I'm part of MOB $QUAD and Hamids Squad, bruh did you see the beef that happened between iranikanjari and Shaun Singh?"
"Holy fucking shit, that was intense !!!!!"

"I'm part of all these groupchats, does that mean I'm in Brown Twitter?"
"Bitch you gotta get a tweet stolen by @Indian_Stats, or get blocked by him! Did you know he's a pedophile?"
"Everyone knows that, the screenshots are posted everywhere. By the way, I am blocked. In fact, he blocks everyone on BT who has 1k followers, he thinks we're 'powerful' lmao."
"Lmao bruh what an ugly ass pussy"
by sotruimmarelate2urlifeson September 11, 2016
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