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When someone gives a fancy frilled up story to make themselves seem greater than they are or to simply make conversationor to make themselves seem better than you. Could be identified when you call somebodies bluff as well. More common known as the Derogatory term known as Bullshit. Also, these stories are most commonly given within the brown population {(Iam brown :)} nuff LOVE
Avtarinder: YOYO homie i banged 4 virgin girls this sunday
Me: Really, at your church i thought you said you were at service all day?
Avtarinder: Uh No no, Not alll dayyy, just most of it
Me: Ooo, Nice where they from?
Avtarinder: Uhh Caledon, Milton, Ajax..
Me: You didnt phone me to reach?!?! Also you dont drive your mom drove you to all these places?
Avtarinder: Uh Naw naw.. We got fam functions there homie...

Me: (In my head) Ok brown storiesssss!!!!
by Lingo357 October 23, 2012
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