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Squeezing out a rather toxic fart while iInconspicuously circling a person or group of people so that no matter where the person/people try to go they cannot escape your toxic butt fumes.
Guy 1: What is that smell?
Guy 2: -giggling-
Guy 3: You did NOT just Brown Ring of Death me!
by aseaiswear March 27, 2009
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An unfortunate occurence that is the result of
A) Spilling soda in the cupholder of your car
B) Neglecting to clean said soda for an extended period of time, causing it to condense into a brown, syrupy substance
C) Forgetting that crud is in there, so whenever you put a new drink in there and then rest it on your thigh as you are drinking, a disgusting brown ring is left on your trousers.

Unrelated to the similarly named Xbox 360 phenomenon, Red Ring of Death.
Joe: Hey man what happened to your trousers? That is some janky shit.
Craig: Gave myself the ol' Brown ring of death, mate. I need to stop being a lazy ass and clean my cupholder.
by ballsdeep6969 November 13, 2010
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