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Someone who does little to nothing at work (sits with thumb up their ass) and expects to be paid.
Martha: "Ted is a lazy bastard. The boss needs to fire his brown thumber ass!"
by Chili2 July 27, 2017
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similar to a brown noser yet the brown thumber can be one or all of the following three things:

1. someone who comes to on a regular basis only to thumbs up or thumbs downs the same exact definition in order to boost a friend's or their own definition in a brown nosing fasion.

2. someone who not only brown noses others but notices they also enjoy the crude pleasure of objects up the butthole and does the favor of using their thumb so that person doesn't have to.

3. one who has a brown thumb
"i swear those 2 have a little more than just brown nosing going on maybe they sleep together or something, that douchebag in the purple shirt is a habitual brown thumber"
by Matt Huff September 09, 2009
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