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The hood is made up of a select group of members who are recogniseable by the 'ol' prefix before their name

They are undefeated at any sport whether it be manly and tough or nerdy and on the internet. The brotha hood's activities include but are not limited too: capping, ho pimping, ho slapping, ho hating, and diss wars
Ol'Jack pimp slapped my hoe
Ol' Tom struck me down with eloquent language
ol' Neo's insult left me in such a confused state i developed amnesia
ol' chops noobness makes him the least pro of the group
Ol' Jarles sick mind makes a noob's innards curl
Ol'SMarterchild spies on my msn conversations and feeds infomation back to the hood
The brothahood is full of hata's with moola
by Mash+dash ting April 22, 2008
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