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(Verb) - To play dota with your bro's and homies. Usually you brota via LAN, but it can also be done just playing at your respective homes and talking on Ventrilo together. But nothing beats brota'ing next to your broski's and then proceeding to go out to eat while talking about how much you owned or got owned.
Guy A: Dude. Let's brota. Let's play All Pick so I can own with Ulsfaar

Guy B: First of all, you're not my bro. Second, no one says "All Pick." And third, its Fuzzy Wuzzy, noob.
Guy A: :'-(
Guy B: QQ more.
by PrivCaboose January 18, 2010
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A stretched bag of skin surrounding a pair of implanted breasticles. Formed when a implant recipient chooses implants too large for their quantity of skin. Quite common in cheap porn and poor sluts.
Jenny had the worst brotum i have ever seen surrounding her new 36DD breasticles.
by Budda9 February 16, 2007
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(noun, plural)

1. Bros that have been in contact, whether purposely or inadvertently, with another bro's testicles.

2. Two friends that are as close as two balls in a sac.

3. Like a larger scale version of Eskimo Brothers. Two friends that have had sex with girls that are related to each other.
Hey, did you know that I used to fuck a girl who was cousins of a girl who used to fuck him? We're Brotums for Life!
by saltybubblegum March 29, 2017
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