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A new age 'scene-queen'.

She has:
- The typical big black hair.
- Mis-matchy clothing type.
- 0375173507389274246 friends on myspace.
- Vain/Better-than-you additude.
- T-mobile sidekick with her at ALL times.
- ETC.

She takes after other scene-queens such as:
+ Audrey Kitching
+ Raquel Reed
+ Kiki Kannibal
+ ETC.

Many people tend to fake her on myspace/vampirefreaks/beb o/ETC.
Exp. 1:
Person 1: OMFGZZZZ did you see the new Brookelle McKenzie picture last night on her myspace?
Person 2: zzzzzomg! Yeah! She is sooooooo amazing!!!

Exp. 2:
Person 1: I'm Brookelle Mckenzie, I'm SO not faking her pictures! Like, look at my 'non-photoshopped' salute!!
Person 2: Uhm, that's a really photoshopped salute. Stop faking Brookelle. She already has like a zillion fakes...
by AshlxyAddiction February 04, 2008
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