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Raquel Reed is a model/Go-Go dancer/scene queen originally from California she is the former best friend of jeffree star also is rumored to not likeing audrey kitching another scene queen she is known for changing her hair more than Joan Rivers gets plastic surgery for the past few years her hair has remained blue she lives in New York she works at M.A.C makeup she is the queen of the underground club scene in new York her inner circle consists of LadyFag, Amanda Lepore (transgender celebrity), and Cazwell (the gay rapper) she actually wanted to be a singer but started modeling first her boyfriends name is Jimi Turco
Scene kid1: omfg lyk did yeww hear that Audrey Kitching, Jeffree Star, and Raquel Reed are fighting
Scene kid2: Jeffree and Raquel never stopped being friends they just didn't hang out all the time lyk they used to and her and Audrey were never fighting
Scene kid1: well that's watt everybody has been saying to me
Scene kid2: yur a douchebag!!!!
by KORPSEcandy March 21, 2009
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