Originated with Australian prison inmates who would resist transfers/court appearances by smearing themselves with their own faeces - derived from the analogy of applying 'bronzing' sun tan lotion.
"They smeared themselves with their own waste, but the protest (known in jails as bronzing up) proved futile when they were later told they were not required at court." News.com.au, September 17, 2004.
by Melissa Stanky September 18, 2004
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The glorious act of coating yourself in your own excrement. This can be done by using a brush, paper or simply just your hands. It can be done either in anger to shock or annoy people or just for plain old fun.
Adrian got angry when he seen someone pushing in line at the canteen. He proceeded to bronze up on the spot and was at the front of the line in no time!

Adrian likes men and invites other fags around to have a group bronzing up session in his kitchen.
by Menacing Devon August 11, 2009
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