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The most rugged, manly, badass truck ever made. It not only has that classic look and feel, its also a beast. If you have one, you're probably an adventurer, badass, womanizer and straight up G.
guy 1 "Don't fuck with Tom, he drives a Bronco II"
guy 2 "oh shit! I had no idea he was such a badass"
by AristotleAAA1678 September 30, 2009
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Bronco II is a smaller version of Fords Fullsize Bronco. I my opinion very popular in Fords history and it should be reconized more often. The Ford Bronco II was introduced in 1984 and ended in 1990. It's very similar to the Ford Ranger,both make good offroad vehicles. Often the Bronco II is called "baby bronco"
"Hey nice bronco ii, what year is it?"
by Scotts88bii June 04, 2006
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