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bro-locked broh-lokt

Adj - Shut in completely, or almost completely, by a pack of bros at a bar, saloon or tavern, or any other comparable location.
Bro 1-KIPNIS!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!! (slams uncontrollably into guy half of a couple sitting in quiet conversation with each other at the bar) CRUSHED it!!!! Zeigler...did you SEE THAT SHIT?!!?

Bro 2-WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! (chugging a "handcrafted" beer with the word "dog" in the title) (backs into female half of couple) Oh...shiiiiit...are you OKAY? Need some help?

Guy-No, we're fine than- (cut off by another player on TV hitting a home run)

Bro 8-(finishes swig of a beer with the word "dog" somewhere in the title) WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHOO!!!! YEAH...smacked that shit OUT!!!! Chisley...did you SEE that shit?? (unknowingly knocks over a bottle of beer on the bar, running it all over the bar in front of the couple)

(guy starts to wipe up mess, assisted by his female companion)

Bartender-(in a thankful and sympathetic tone) Thanks guys...but don't worry about it. I'll get it. Those people in the front just left that two-top...want to move over there, so you're not so brolocked?

by BrandonChrist July 21, 2013
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