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A condition found in gyms and fitness clubs where a bro with a massive upper body habitually skips Leg Day in order to keep his pumped state in the region of his upper body.

The resultant lack of fitness to the legs leaves the Bro deformed with a monstrous upper torso and arms with tiny little old lady spindly legs.
Oh, man, Scott (because all Bros are named Scott), really has The worst case of Brolio that I've ever seen. I don't think his legs have ever done anything but walk his ass over to the dumbbell rack.
by Mastermind Excello May 20, 2015
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This word was an accident when I meant to text “brooooooooo” but my thumb hit the wrong keys so it came out “brooooliooo”.

Now it’s a hip new word to call all your closest homies. Reserve this sick work only for the people you love the most
“Hey wassup Brolio
“Not much very close friend of mine

“He’s such a brolio
“Brolio, I knowlio”
by Gbabe October 29, 2017
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The brain wasting disease causative of broliferation at large. Symptoms include chronic surfing disorder (C.S.D.), compulsive 24 pack purchasing (C.T.F.P.P.), and the often deadly D.M.B. Levels of infection are pandemic in Southern California where brave brolio patients can be heard loudly exhalting eachother to the level of a particular women's undergarment, but sadly the symptoms are often overlooked or misdiagnosed as marijuana addiction and failing any early detection this disease is almost always fatal.
Worried Parent: Doctor, is there any news?

Doctor: I'm afraid young Keanu has contracted Brolio. He may only have 60 years to live. I'm very sorry.

Worried Parent: Like, whoa! I just totally thought he was a pot-head bra! Noweigh!
by Capt.Crunk June 03, 2009
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