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A Broji is a follower and believer of the mystical and majestic goji berries of the Himalayan Mountains. Legend has it that the power of goji berries is so strong that it can cure Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, Herpes, AIDS, and even grow lost or amputated limbs back. Not for the faint of heart, the title "Broji" is one that only few can claim as their own and all will be remembered as a Broji for eternity. It is also common for outsiders to be extremely jealous and envious of Brojis. This is not surprising as being a Broji makes you better than people on numerous different levels and it is difficult for many to accept it.
I hate my life. I wish I could be a Broji and find meaning and truth within myself.

I feel like I have a concussion. I think a Broji just hit me in the head. I need a tall glass of goji juice.

Doctor: I'm sorry, but you have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in your brain and spine.
Patient: So I'm going to die? Why did this have to happen to me?
Doctor: Here, drink this goji juice (handing over a large container of goji juice). You should be healed in 24 hours. I highly recommend becoming friends with a Broji as well.
Patient: Thanks, doc! I love life again! I love the Brojis!
by gojigojigoji December 13, 2009
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