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When a man achieves such an intense broner, he ejaculates. All instances of brojaculation occur when two or more men are doing or viewing something incredibly manly together. This is the most extreme form of bromance, typically only achieved when the guilty party member is, in fact, homosexual.

Typically followed up with:

"Ahh man, now you're all wet!"

or, "Dude, lick that shit dry!"
Potentially Gay Party Member: "Watching A-Rod hit that homer caused me to achieve brojaculation!"

Obviously Straight Friend: "I only achieved a half mast broner."

PGPM: "Oh yeah, me too! I was just kidding *shifty eyes*

OBF: "Sure you were Enrique, sure you were. I think I'm gonna go like sleep on my back with like 5 pairs of tight/impenetrable underwear "
by Their Pseudonym November 25, 2009
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