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Noun; adjective, Brock-eyed or Brock-eye'd; verb, Brock-eye, Brock-eyeing, Brock-eyed or Brock-eye'd

1. The facial expression one involuntarily assumes after smoking marijuana in which the eyes appear to others and feel by the user continuously squinted due to periorbital edema and congested corneal blood vessels, appearing similar to the face of Brock of the Pokémon series.
2. To stare with Brock eyes while high, often for long periods of time at a single object such as a television screen, or at nothing in particular.
Stoner 1: Dude... You have some serious Brock eyes.
Stoner 2: Yeah man; I am so blazed...

Stoner 1: I gotta go to work; do I look baked?
Stoner 2: Yeah dude... You're Brock-eye'd.

Stoner 1: Where's Tanner?
Stoner 2: He's still in the living room watching everyone play GTA. He's been doing nothing but smoking and Brock-eyeing the TV all day.
by DRIFTDOLL November 12, 2013
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When you smoke some phat dank buds, and you're eyes become like Brock from Pokémon.
Toker 1: Mate this is some sick weed, yo.

Toker 2: Yeah mate, you got some serioues brock eye!
by 420toker February 21, 2014
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