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Girls much like those from Jersey shore,
who use way too much fake tan, wear long, dark, ratty extentions and are constantly wear outfits from shops such as Supre. Shortness in height is usually a plus to them, as the need to bend down for the penis is not usually needed.
Sporting way too much makeup, and showing much skin, they have spread themselves to many shopping centers in hopes of gossiping about who they fucked in their muzza accents.
Guy 1) "bro you see them broady girls at the station?"
Guy 2) "you mean that short bitch with the rat hair im gonna fuck later?"
Guy 1) "yeah man that muzza"

Guy 1) "im gonna get me something easy"
Guy 2) "we'll go to broady to pick up some of those jersey shore chicks"
by moemed603 November 13, 2011
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