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When you've reached the point with your best Bro that a fist bump is just not affectionate enough. Take your relationship with your Bro to the next level it's simple, gently kiss your fist then proceed to fist bump as usual. Now your Bro knows how you really feel
When your Bro makes a sweet putt in disc golf, show him how brotastic he is with a BroKiss.
by VismondBro February 13, 2015
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An act of completely non-homosexual bro appreciation.

In some situations brofist or brohug just wonΒ΄t do.
No sexual meaning involved, just another bro thing.
"Thanks for helping me out with moving my apartment, bro."
"Sure thing, bro... anytime!"
*move close to each other*
"Okay, gotta go. Cya tonight at the party. Hope you bring the new chick."
"See you there, bro."
by Pedro Padrigo May 07, 2014
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