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1. Holding to any rules of the bro code in the face of female peer pressure.

2. Resisting the evil tendrils of control that leads to becoming pussy whipped.

3. Watching or observing ANYTHING that would normally produce tears in lesser men and women, but shaking it off and grabbing a beer while making a very manly comment to reassure your bros you weren't about to bitch up on them.
Mitch did me a real solid tonight by not bagging my drunken ex. Yeah, we've been apart for 5 years, but he stayed bro-strong!

My brother Bob used to be such a pussy hound and player...them he met Janine and he is soooooooo pussy whipped. He used to be so bro-strong it made me question my OWN manhood!

Watching Schindler's List with my beothers, a strange feeling was creeping over me and a slight burning was in my eyes. I knew what I had to do. I grabbed a Yuengling from the fridge, tipped it back, and told my bros that I would have fucked Hitler in the Ass and made him my bitch. With eyes wide, my oldest beoth3r said I was so bro-strong.

And that last definition was sooooooo gay! Hey. I tried!
by Wurdsmyth76 October 09, 2016
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